Acronyms and Industry Terms of the Construction Industry Sometimes architects speak their own archispeak with words like WELL, LEED, BIM, built environment, biophilia, and ROM. The other day we used Google to figure out what ROM meant from an architect standpoint, and then translated the literal meaning from Rough Order of Magnitude to the simplistic
The “Amazon Now Effect” on Metal Fabrication Lead Times Today’s fast pace world expects everything right now, and the construction industry is part of this demand. Amazon adds to this mindset with their same day shipping. I call this expectation of thinking ‘everything can be had in your hands at your command’—the “Amazon Now Effect.”
How Does Deflection Affect Deck Structure Design? Deflection and live loads play a part in how occupants feel while on a balcony. Balcony and deck structure design needs several considerations for ultimate design. These considerations become crucial when balconies of a multifamily property take on how a building looks and feels in the end. You
Traditionally, if you wanted a balcony on your architectural design, the balcony system became a wood cantilever balcony design. Today, new methods and substrates open up options to consider a wood cantilever balcony system, or something like an aluminum bolt-on balcony system.