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Rhythm Luxury Apartments

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MW Iron Mfg.

Quality promise

In-House Powder Coating Finishing

Choose from more core powder coat colors than you’ve ever seen before. Our in-house powder coat system accelerates timelines and saves from multiple trucking scenarios.

3D Modeling & Prototyping

3D Modeling allows us to visualize—and be confident of—the end result, as well as make modifications, if necessary, before fabrication.

National Shipping

We offer shipping from coast to coast, both all in one piece or flat-packed. No onsite assembly is required. We have certified installers available in the Wisconsin area and installer training available nationally.

100% Hand Welded

Our primary goals are safety, installation speed, and aesthetics. Midwest Iron offers hand-welded manufacturing. Fully welded aluminum and steel construction mean fast installation, rust-free longevity, and stable materials.

Value Engineering

Midwest Iron’s method is value-engineered to save on the most expensive cost: field labor. That’s why all of our aluminum and steel project systems are custom-made and require our engineer review process. This ensures smooth production from design to finish.

Secure Stability Certified

We know to manufacture, safety is always the first concern. Each of our projects is backed by our certified safety guarantee. You can depend on the quality of our materials, our process, and our final products. Midwest Iron has produced hundreds of thousands of balconies, stairs systems, ratings, and metal systems all without issues.

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Best balconies in the business

Find the perfect balcony choice for your multi-family building with Midwest Iron. We have expertise in a wide range of balcony styles and material, including our signature, prefabricated, aluminum bolt-on balconies. This unique balcony style guarantees to keep your architect, general contractor, property owners, and residents happy.

Each of our prefab balconies is made entirely from aluminum and comes completely welded and ready to go. Our clients love this type of balcony system because it saves on installation time, looks great, and boasts impressive longevity over traditional balconies.

Preassembled for easy installation

Forget the headache of standard balcony assembly and installation. Try our prefabricated, aluminum bolt-on balconies that get shipped straight to you, ready to go. Our clients are always impressed with how great they look—and how fast they go up. General contractors love the simplicity of installation, while property owners appreciate the stability, style, and maintenance-free additions to their buildings.

Balconies for every building

Our capabilities span a wide variety of balconies, including different styles, materials, railings, and more. We know balconies well, from cantilevered and stacked balconies to post-tensioned slab balconie and juliet balconies—and, most importantly, our signature prefabricated, aluminum bolt-on balconies.

Balcony materials range from steel and aluminum to concrete and wood. The railings are often wood or metal, while the gates are typically aluminum or glass. Midwest Iron will work with you to choose the materials and colors that best suit your needs. Start designing today with our online balcony builder!

Made to enjoy, built to last

Midwest Iron’s balconies stand the test of time. We use high-grade aluminum, all-weather-resistant materials, and high-quality industrial materials to craft superior balconies that elevate your building’s appearance and value.

One of our most-loved features of our balconies is the water removal. Each of balconies comes with a built-in water track system that allows the balcony floor to drain without dripping on any other balconies or people below it.