Luxury Apartments
Milwaukee's Premiere High Rise

Metal Systems

The Project

A special project spearheaded by Milwaukee’s own Northwestern Mutual, the 7SEVENTY7 Luxury Apartments are described as “gracious apartment homes in a setting that feels like a high-end hotel.” Midwest Iron was in charge of all miscellaneous metals, carbon steel, and stairs, while our sister company installed all of the glass. 

Throughout the building, you’ll find our work in the stainless steel decorative bollards, egress stairs, pergolas, fireplace and grill frameworks, sign support steel, electric gates, a galvanizing tank, a mechanical platform on the roof, and more.

Challenge & Solution

This project’s biggest challenge was keeping everything on schedule. With the drawings provided, Midwest Iron had to pivot with the general contractor and architect to find the best solutions to keep everything moving. Our ability to collaborate well was a great strength. The general contractor was very talented and kept things organized for the different trades to get in, get their work done, and get out.

Through the years, we’ve learned that other trades are not as well-versed in regulations and safety needs as Midwest Iron is. You can’t just show up on a job site. There are workforce goals, diversity requirements, vertical logistics, permits, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, state codes, and more to consider. Moreover, when you have residential, commercial/retail, and parking under the same roof, you have different building systems and trades at play, so being fluent in other forms of construction is crucial.