Northwestern Mutual

Tower & Commons
High-Performance City Campus

Balconies / Stairs / Metal Systems

The Project

Northwestern Mutual is a financial services company based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that redid its main headquarters and transformed them into the Northwestern Mutual Commons and Tower. This impressive skyscraper sits 550 feet tall and 32 stories high and took three and half years to complete. Midwest Iron supplied all of the stairs and miscellaneous metals for the entire building.

Challenge & Solution

What made this project different was its sheer magnitude. As such an intricate building with so many other teams involved, we had minimal access to get in and out with materials. While the building’s height did prove challenging, it was also horizontally the size of a city block and connected to the historic building, sprawling outwards and upwards. There were multiple general contractors, each of whom had their part of the project to manage. They broke everything up into bite-size pieces for the different teams: interiors, exteriors, shell, and core.

Midwest Iron has extensive experience working on projects with complex management structures. We know it takes an incredible amount of communication, coordination, and patience to succeed. We had multiple teams and mobilizations, and we were feeding stairs every couple of days to the tower—all while getting product to other parts of the building—which required a lot of scheduling and meant we had trucks running all of the time.