Ascent MKE

Luxury Apartments
World's Largest Timber Structure

Balconies / Stairs / Metal Systems

The Project

Midwest Iron stepped in to supply all stairs and 187 glass rail and aluminum balconies for the Ascent MKE luxury apartments in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At 284 feet tall and 25 stories, this high-rise building is officially the tallest mass timber structure in the world, a title previously held by the Mjøstårnet building in Brumunddal, Norway. In total, Midwest Iron spent two years working on the Ascent building.

Challenge & Solution

The type of construction used for this project made it unique. Heavy timber framing originated in Europe and is relatively new to America. For Midwest Iron’s role, the steel stairs were straightforward, as were the miscellaneous metals we supplied. The balconies, however, were our primary challenge due to the building’s finishes. Midwest Iron had to rework the attachment points and create a new system with new processes. 

Due to the project’s tight schedule and deliveries getting pushed back, our goal was to remain incredibly fluid—maintaining constant communication to ensure complete client satisfaction. This level of fluidity and understanding is one of Midwest Iron’s biggest strengths. We can have all product on-site according to your schedule, we understand there’s no laydown space, and we can cart things into projects for you. Whatever our clients need, they get.