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Yellow Glass Aluminum Balconies
For over 16 years, you’ve known Midwest Stairs and Iron as the nationally recognized metal manufacturer that we are—specializing in self-supporting, bolt-on, aluminum balconies; steel stairs; railings; and miscellaneous metals. Today, we still do all of these things, but we’ve simplified our brand to better encapsulate our offerings and showcase our work. From now on,
7 MIN READ Seeking the Best Balcony Choice for Multifamily Buildings What are the Different Types of Balconies? What Construction Material is Available for Balconies? What Details Should You Know for Balcony Design? Which Balcony Type is Best? What are the Different Types of Balconies? Many balcony options exist for today’s multi-family construction projects. Use
St. Camillus Transfer Beam Installation Transfer Beam Installation Successfully Completed The installation of the 26,000 lb transfer beam is complete at the St. Camillus project in Wauwatosa, WI. The new 15-story independent living building sits across from the Milwaukee County Zoo. Gilbane Building Company is the general contractor. This was a record-setting transfer beam Midwest
We’re ready to meet elevated design and accelerated timelines. Modern Construction Efficiency Ideas Laser Cutting Machine Will Address Modern Construction Challenges Today’s construction challenges call for fast timelines. But how does an already pushed to the limit manufacturer meet faster timelines? The manufacturer must be flexible. Flexibility introduces the idea of laser cutting automation. Moreover,